Teaching Philosophy

By teaching courses in both Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) and Sociology, I contribute to undergraduate teaching and curriculum development by challenging students to critically analyze inequality and apply humanistic perspectives in dialogue with a wider public using community-based research methods. As a result, even if students do not major in either field, students in my courses engage with social justice concepts and walk away with a toolkit to work towards social change within their own communities and disciplines. 

As such, I have three goals for students through my pedagogy:

  1. to critically analyze inequality to build towards mutual respect and equitable practices,

  2. reflect upon one’s positionality and situate individual experiences within social structures, and

  3. research academic theory and contested ideas from a variety of viewpoints and engage in dialogue with a wider public.


As a result, students are more informed about the implications of what we learn in the classroom by becoming aware of power and engaging with diverse communities to work towards social change.

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